Thank you. The struggle continues.

Nov 14, 2018

While our campaign didn’t get the results we wanted, the power of people throughout our great state coming together to tackle our housing affordability crisis should encourage us all.

The predatory landlords, Wall Street investors and profiteers of our housing crisis funneled tens of millions of dollars into a campaign of deception, resorting to shameful lies and scare tactics to protect their bottom line. We came up short, but there is so much to build upon.

The journey for Prop 10 began just 15 months ago. In that short span of time the campaign you helped build has catapulted the movement for tenants’ rights and rent control in this state and beyond. Our people-powered tenant-centered movement has sent a mighty message to the Sacramento special interests and global real estate speculators that we will not be bullied — we will not back down from a fight — we shall not be moved!

It hurts to know that the election result means that the pain inflicted by the very corporations who funded opposition to Prop 10 will continue to be felt by our seniors, the disabled and the working class. While the threat to marginalized people, our unique communities and our diverse state will persist, take solace in the fact that today, because of you, 17 million Californians in renter households woke up in a state more educated on, with neighbors more connected to, and with the progressive movement more united behind the fight for tenant protections. There is much to be proud of.

To each and every member of the amazing coalition of over 500 organizations and elected officials — housing rights groups, labor, affordable housing developers, political parties and trusted progressive organizations — who proudly stood with this campaign powered by the fundamental belief that housing is a human right, we say thank you! This battle may have been lost, but together we have advanced the war for our communities farther and faster than any effort in over 30 years.

Attention will now turn to Governor-elect Gavin Newsom and the legislature who have a moral responsibility to take urgent action and protect the millions of Californians burdened by the crushing cost of housing. And conversations about what to do next are taking place right now in city halls throughout the state. Continue to organize. Continue to demand real solutions that address the state’s staggering housing affordability and homelessness crises. Continue to fight for a California for the many, not the few.

The struggle continues.

Damien Goodmon
Campaign Director, Yes on 10