Statewide Initiative To Address Housing-Affordability Crisis Certified For November Ballot

Jun 15, 2018


The Affordable Housing Act, the statewide initiative that allows communities to urgently address their housing-affordability and homeless crises, was certified for the November ballot by the California Secretary of State’s office today.

Below is a statement from the Affordable Housing Act campaign:

“We’re confident that voters will return power to local communities to expand rent control and give millions of Californians a chance to stay in their homes this November.  They need relief. Today’s certification recognizes the hard work of hundreds of Californians, many of whom are struggling to afford rent and make ends meet, who helped collect the 595,000 signatures needed to place this initiative on the ballot. It recognizes that millions of California residents are struggling to afford their homes and can’t wait any longer for relief. It recognizes that Californians are prepared to take back the power to address the housing affordability crisis. The time for rent gouging by corporate landlords is coming to an end,” said Damien Goodmon, Director of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s Housing is a Human Right project and the campaign.

“The state legislature is holding a hearing on this issue next Thursday, June 21,” said Amy Schur, Campaign Director of Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) Action. “They’ve got a chance to do what’s right and give our cities the power to address skyrocketing rents.  We only go to the ballot if the legislature won’t act.”

In recognition of campaign staffers’ goodwork, the campaign will hold a celebration on Monday night at the LA campaign headquarters at 7 pm: 6500 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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