Our Revolution Endorses Prop 10: “Proud to Stand with Families”

Sep 24, 2018

Our Revolution, a national advocacy organization that boasts local groups and volunteers in every corner of California, has endorsed Proposition 10. The statewide ballot measure empowers communities to urgently address California’s housing-affordability and homeless crises by allowing them to limit rent increases.

“In communities across California, working families are getting priced out of safe, stable housing due to soaring rents and billionaire developers who game the system. We are proud to stand with those families and the leaders of this effort,” said Our Revolution Executive Director Heather Gautney. “But we also need to stand for union-built construction of affordable housing so that workers in the housing industry don’t get stuck supporting these same developers and their political cronies who tell them that rent control means no decent jobs. These are not mutually exclusive goals — America can afford both decent union jobs and fair housing.”

“Our Revolution’s support of our people-powered campaign underscores the fact that this is truly a national movement with far-reaching consequences,” said Joe Trippi, lead strategist of the Yes on 10 campaign. “The grassroots energy that fuels Our Revolution now joins a broad coalition of organizations, leaders and activists from across California and the country who are all dedicated to solving the housing affordability crisis and strengthening local communities. We’re thrilled to have their support as we take on the predatory corporations and landlords funding ‘No on 10’ who will stop at nothing to deceive California voters.”


Our Revolution supports progressive champions and ballot initiatives across the country at every level of government. By supporting candidates and issues backed by people, not corporations, the organization aims to transform American politics to make our political and economic systems responsive to the needs of working families. For more information on Our Revolution, visit  


Proposition 10, the Affordable Housing Act, is a ballot measure that will restore the right of local communities to set fair limits on rent increases on all types of homes in order to address California’s housing affordability crisis. To learn more, please visit or find us online @VoteYesOn10.

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