More Than 100 Affordable Housing Providers, Tenants Rights Organizations Endorse Proposition 10

Oct 23, 2018

Advocates Stand on the Right Side of Social & Economic Justice

More than 100 affordable housing and tenants rights advocates join the broad coalition of trusted organizations and leaders endorsing Proposition 10. These advocates work tirelessly each day on the frontlines of the social and economic justice movement as they tackle the housing affordability and homelessness crises facing California.

Prop 10 is a common-sense ballot measure that will empower communities to limit the skyrocketing rent increases that have disrupted the lives of children, working families, veterans and seniors up and down California.

Due to rising rents, long-time residents have been pushed out, many onto the streets, while others have been forced to commute long distances from their jobs, relatives and communities. According to Tenants Together and the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, there have been nearly 500,000 evictions in California between 2014-2016 — that’s 1.4 million individuals — based on a 2.9 person per-unit occupancy. Los Angeles County leads the state, with more than 160,000 evictions during this three year period.


Anya Lawler, Policy Advocate, Western Center on Law & Poverty: “Justice demands that every Californian—regardless of income—have access to an affordable place to call home. We can no longer remain handcuffed by a law passed in the legislature by just one vote, 23 years ago, that severely limits the ability of locals to rein in sky-high rent increases. This one vote has robbed our communities of a critical tool to provide housing stability to renters amidst our massive housing affordability and homeless crises. Proposition 10 will return power to local governments to limit the staggering rent increases that are disrupting lives and displacing entire communities. The ability to have secure housing simply is not negotiable.”

Brian Augusta, legislative advocate for the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation: “The most vulnerable members of our society are facing extreme economic pressures due to pervasive housing insecurity. The housing market is broken in California and renters are hurting the most, struggling to make ends meet while rents continue to rise. Proposition 10 will help ease the burden on California renters and provide a much-needed, common-sense solution for local communities to rein in exorbitant rents. It’s shameful that the people who are the very foundation of our communities — from our farmworkers and our teachers, to our young people, families and seniors — are the ones getting priced out. Everyone deserves a safe, secure and affordable place to call home, and right now the rent is too damn high.”

Elena Popp, executive director of Eviction Defense Network and one of the three instrumental proponents in getting the initiative on the ballot: “Far too many across California are facing eviction due to rent increases at the hands of corporate landlords seeking to further boost their bottom line. From our children’s success at school, to our seniors who deserve to live with dignity, all members of our society are impacted by displacement. That’s why passing Proposition 10 is so critically important. Housing is a fundamental right and we must ease the burden on renters as this trajectory is not sustainable.”

Up and down the state, affordable housing providers and tenants rights attorneys are urging Californians to vote YES on 10. Endorsers include:


  • Housing California
  • Affordable Housing Alliance
  • Affordable Housing Network of Santa Clara County
  • Berkeley Student Cooperative
  • Christian Church Homes
  • Council of Community Housing Organizations (CCHO)
  • East LA Community Corporation
  • Esperanza Community Housing Corporation
  • Marty’s Place Affordable Housing Corporation
  • Mission Economic Development Agency
  • Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH)
  • Oakland Community Land Trust
  • Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing (SCANPH)
  • Tenderloin Housing Clinic
  • Thai Community Development Center
  • TRUST South LA
  • Venice Community Housing Corporation
  • Women Organizing Resources Knowledge and Services (WORKS)


  • Housing NOW! California
  • Tenants Together
  • Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives
  • Alameda Renters Coalition
  • Anti-Eviction Mapping Project
  • Arcata Lazy J Homeowners Association
  • Asian Law Alliance
  • Berkeley Tenants Union
  • Beverly Hills Renters Alliance
  • Bill Sorro Housing Program (BiSHoP)
  • California Coalition for Rural Housing
  • Causa Justa / Just Cause
  • Chinatown Community for Equitable Development
  • Coalition for Economic Survival
  • El Comite de Vecinos del Lado Oeste, East Palo Alto
  • Comite de la Esperanza
  • De Rose Gardens Tenant Association (DRGTA)
  • East Bay Housing Organizations
  • East Palo Alto Council of Tenants Education Fund
  • Equity Housing Alliance
  • EveryOne Home
  • Fair Housing Advocates of Northern California
  • Gamaliel CA
  • Glendale Tenants Union
  • Golden State Manufactured-Home Owners League
  • Homes for All
  • Homeless Student Advocate Alliance
  • Housing 4 Sacramento
  • Housing Long Beach
  • Housing Rights Committee San Francisco
  • Hunger Action Coalition Los Angeles
  • Inquilinos Unidos
  • Isla Vista Tenants Union
  • LiBRE (Long Beach Residents Empowered)
  • Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN)
  • Los Angeles Tenants Union
  • Manufactured Housing Action
  • Mountain View Tenants Coalition
  • Oakland Tenants Union
  • Orange County Mobile Home Residents Coalition
  • Pasadena Tenants Union
  • People of Color Sustainable Housing Network
  • People Organized for Westside Renewal (POWER)
  • Poverty Matters
  • Property Owners for Fair and Affordable Housing
  • The Q Foundation
  • Renters of Moreno Valley
  • Sacramento Housing Alliance
  • Sacramento Tenants Union
  • Sanctuary of Hope
  • San Diego Tenants United
  • San Francisco Anti-Displacement Coalition
  • San Francisco Tenants Union
  • Santa Ana Tenants United
  • Santa Monicans for Renters Rights (SMRR)
  • Shelter for All Koreatown
  • Sonoma County Manufactured-Home Owners Association
  • Sonoma Valley Housing Group
  • South Pasadena Tenants Union
  • Strategic Actions for a Just Economy (SAJE)
  • Students United with Renters
  • Union de Vecinos
  • United for Housing Justice (SF)
  • United Neighbors In Defense Against Displacement (UNIDAD)
  • Uplift Inglewood
  • Urban Habitat


  • Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus
  • California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation
  • Center for Community Action & Environmental Justice
  • Centro Legal de la Raza
  • Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto
  • Crow & Rose, Tenant Lawyers
  • East Bay Community Law Center
  • Eviction Defense Center
  • Eviction Defense Network
  • Inner City Law Center – Los Angeles
  • LA Center for Community Law & Action
  • Law Foundation of Silicon Valley
  • National Lawyers Guild – Los Angeles
  • Public Advocates
  • Public Counsel
  • Public Interest Law Project
  • Western Center on Law and Poverty


Proposition 10, the Affordable Housing Act, is a ballot measure that will restore the right of local communities to set fair limits on rent increases on all types of homes in order to address California’s housing affordability crisis. Vote Yes on 10.

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