Editorial Boards Agree Proposition 10 Will Stabilize California’s Housing Market

Nov 5, 2018

Publications throughout California have endorsed Proposition 10 as a key step to solving California’s housing affordability and homelessness crises:

Los Angeles Times“Local governments are on the front lines of managing homelessness, displacement and gentrification. They need the ability to stop the bleeding. Proposition 10 would give them an additional option for helping those at risk of losing their homes.”

Sacramento Bee: “City councils and boards of supervisors clearly understand the needs of their constituents best, and with solutions only starting to trickle out of the state Legislature, they deserve the freedom to experiment — responsibly — with creative ways to help vulnerable tenants and energize the housing market. They also deserve the chance to come up with the right plan before having to deal with local ballot measures imposing rent control.”

San Luis Obispo Tribune: “This may be the most misunderstood and vilified measures on the ballot. It does not force rent control on Californians; what it does is restore the power of local cities and counties to pass the rent control ordinances they deem appropriate… This is all about local control. Given the untenable cost of rental housing in many parts of the state, local communities should be able to craft solutions that work for them, without undue interference from Sacramento.”

The Daily Californian“Let’s face it: There’s no issue more pressing than housing in Berkeley. College students, already bearing the brunt of tuition, are faced with the added pressure of finding apartments that don’t completely break the bank… Cities that desperately need affordable housing would be able to curb astronomical prices on their own terms. Costa-Hawkins has been a plague on housing in California since its inception in 1995. California, it’s time to tear it down once and for all. Vote yes on Prop. 10.” 

The Daily Bruin: “By limiting the rate at which landlords can increase rents, the proposition would help prevent renters from being priced out of their homes. And in areas such as East Los Angeles, where gentrification has been a growing issue, rent-control policies in the interim might be able to limit the displacement of long-time residents… All politics is local. Rent is even more so – and the policies governing it should be too.”

The Argonaut: “The Costa-Hawkins Act of 1995 keeps Los Angeles from applying local rent control or rent stabilization ordinances to apartments built after 1978, and every municipality in the state faces similar restrictions. Prop 10 would repeal Costa-Hawkins to let cities determine rent control laws for themselves. In the context of our housing affordability crisis, one size does not fit all. Local lawmakers should have the power to explore unique solutions for the communities they serve. Vote Yes on Prop 10.”

Bay Area Reporter“We’ve seen the opponents’ ads that claim repeal will make the housing crisis worse. We don’t buy it. Repeal of Costa-Hawkins is not the whole answer to the state’s housing crisis, but it is important to keep people housed and Prop 10 is one tool for that. With rents rising in communities around the state, something needs to be done, and cities should not be hamstrung. Repeal allows communities struggling with skyrocketing housing costs to put an annual limit on how much rents can be raised. Local governments should decide housing policy, not Sacramento, where special interests led to Costa-Hawkins in the first place. Vote Yes on 10.”“We normally do not endorse candidates or propositions and initiatives, but due to recent developments the Editorial Board felt compelled to urge a resounding YES on Prop 10.” 

Anderson Valley Advertiser“Proposition 10 — Expands Local Governments’ Authority to Enact Rent Control on Residential Property. Initiative Statute. YES.”

East Bay Express“Prop. 10: Yes on the repeal of Costa-Hawkins. Cities like Berkeley and Oakland need to be able to enact tougher rent control laws to prevent displacement.”

The Highlander“Granting cities increased flexibility to come up with local solutions and regulations to their own rental and housing challenges is a smart move, especially in a state where wealth and housing costs vary so widely. Modest rent control regulations, tailored by individual cities to tackle their own challenges, can go a long ways in protect vulnerable renters, especially against sudden surge in rent pricing in a state where housing costs continue to grow so much faster than-incomes”

KnockLA: “… One of the best reasons to vote Yes on Proposition 10 is to look at who is funding the No Campaign. California’s housing crisis has no silver bullet. But as a new study from Berkeley’s Haas Institute argues, rent control is a vital way to ensure renters can avoid eviction and stay in their homes… If renters turn out, we will deal a huge blow to corporate landlords and finally get a chance to claim our right to the city.”

Palo Alto Weekly“Yes on Prop. 10 — Local Option for Rent Control”

San Francisco Bay Guardian: “This is the most important issue on the state ballot. It would undo one of the worst pieces of housing legislation in California history, protect tens of thousands of tenants, and help fight evictions (and homelessness). That’s why the real-estate industry is going to spend tens of millions of dollars to defeat it.”

Santa Maria Times“But what it will do is set new guidelines for local governments, allowing them to respond to local housing issues in the manner local policy makers deem adequate.In just about every instance we can remember or imagine, leaving local decisions in the hands of local elected officials is the right way to go. Prop. 10 will do that. We recommend a ‘yes’ vote on Proposition 10.”

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