Beverly Hills City Council Unanimously Endorses Prop 10

Sep 19, 2018

The Beverly Hills City Council this week unanimously endorsed Proposition 10. The November ballot measure allows communities to limit excessive rents as Californians struggle with housing-affordability and homeless crises.

“The Beverly Hills City Council supports Proposition 10 because we believe in local control,” Beverly Hills Mayor Julian Gold said. “Government and policy decisions are more inclusive and effective when cities are in charge of cities.”

To help stem the tide of rising rents, Beverly Hills has been proactive in implementing some rent control mechanisms. Last year, the City Council passed temporary measures approving an urgency ordinance that limited rent increases to three percent, made no-cause evictions reviewable by the city, and established a rental registry.

The passage of Prop. 10 will offer another tool, allowing reasonable limits on excessive rents while also guaranteeing a fair rate of return for landlords. The result will be more affordable housing for seniors, teachers, families, and many others in California’s cities.

The Beverly Hills Renters Alliance played a key role in securing the endorsement. 

“Beverly Hills, like many other cities in California, understands the dire need to level the playing field and give local communities in California the power to adopt policies that fit their needs,” said Joe Trippi, lead strategist of the Yes on 10 campaign. “Without local control, Wall Street speculators will continue to run roughshod up and down the state causing rents to rise and homelessness to continue to soar. Californians deserve better.”

The City of Beverly Hills joins other California cities that have endorsed  Prop. 10, including the City of West Hollywood, City of Santa Monica, City of Oakland, and City of Berkeley.

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