Advocates That Demand Profit-Hungry Corporate Landlords Cut the Crap

Oct 25, 2018

Predatory Landlords Backing No on 10 Deploying “Raw, Ugly, Unethical” Rent Hikes and Voter Intimidation Tactics to Protect Profits

With less than two weeks until Election Day, predatory corporate landlords behind the No on 10 campaign will stop at nothing to make more profit at the expense of California renters. Sadly, this comes as no surprise given the fact that they have spent more than 20 years gaming the system. The status quo benefits corporate landlords, not the millions of California renters whose rent is too damn high.

These bad corporate actors will stop at nothing to boost their bottom line, which is why they are threatening tenants with excessive rent hikes and voter intimidation tactics ahead of November 6:

  • “Since August, a number of renters throughout the state, including Concord, North Hollywood, Modesto and National City, were hit with evictions and rent increases by landlords and property managers who cited the ‘impending’ passage of Proposition 10 and the repeal of Costa-Hawkins as the reason for their action.” [Capitol Weekly, 10/23/18]
  • “In August, tenant Jacob Swanson received a letter from LFM Management stating that rent on his North Hollywood apartment would be increased by 8 percent. Swanson, who has lived in his apartment for a decade, said the yearly rent increase typically was 3 percent to 5 percent.” [Capitol Weekly, 10/23/18]

  • “A letter… bears the letterhead of Rampart Property Management, an LA-based firm with more than a dozen available apartments listed on its website. It informs tenants of a pending rent increase in response to the ballot measure.” [Curbed LA, 10/8/18]

  • “In Concord, an entire building of 29 families was given 60-day eviction notices, with landlords explicitly citing Proposition 10 as the cause.” [New Republic, 10/18/18]

  • “In Modesto, tenants of a single-family building were not only notified of a rent increase, but also encouraged to vote against Prop 10, which the landlord said would ‘eliminat[e] the current availability of single family homes to rent.’” [New Republic, 10/18/18]

  • “‘What this means is that although your don’t want higher rent and we did not plan on charging you higher rent, we may lose our ability to raise rents in the future as this becomes another government control on rents,’ the Aug. 24 letter said. ‘Therefore, in preparation for the passage of this ballot initiative we must pass along a rent increase today.” [KTLA, 9/28/18]

  • “‘In the last four weeks, at least 20 people have called us about their rents increasing 50 percent—even doubled—because landlords were concerned about Prop. 10,’ said Eric Castelblanco, a tenant-rights attorney in Studio City.” [Capitol Weekly, 10/23/18]

  • “Elena Popp, executive director of the Eviction Defense Network, a nonprofit organization that provides legal assistance and representation to tenants in Los Angeles County… said. ‘Every day, my office – and we are but one small office – sees between 20 and 40 people coming in with either exorbitant rent increases or 30- to 60-day notices to quit without cause.” [Long Beach Business Journal, 10/22/18]

  • “Zev Yaroslavsky, a senior fellow at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs and a former Los Angeles County Supervisor, calls rent hikes in advance of the election ‘raw, ugly, and unethical.’” [Curbed LA, 10/8/18]

Cut. The. Crap.

“The profit-hungry corporate landlords are shameless as they spend millions of dollars made on the backs of renters to defeat Prop 10,” said Joe Trippi, lead strategist for Yes on 10. “Momentum is on the people’s side as Proposition 10 receives more endorsements from leaders and trusted organizations — from the California Democratic Party and ACLU, to the League of Women Voters and organized labor — and our supporters educate their networks about how Prop 10 will empower local communities to limit skyrocketing rents. The rent is too damn high!”


Proposition 10 is a key step towards solving California’s housing-affordability crisis because it will protect California’s renters and guarantee landlords a fair rate of return, all while laying the foundation for stronger communities. By empowering local communities to limit rent increases and curtail predatory housing practices, cities and counties will be able to create thoughtful laws to address their local housing situations

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